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We all want to change the world. Bring your old electronics from all around the East Rand area. We will Dispose of them properly for you

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Electronic equipment is everywhere in modern life. Both per capita ownership and discards of TVs, computers, tablets, smartphones and other electronics will likely increase rapidly for the foreseeable future.

PC Smart Assist strongly recommends recycling all unwanted electronic products such as televisions, computers and cell phones. While the East Rand Area has no specific laws or regulations that apply to discarded electronic products, It is good for the environment to recycle anything you can.

A Note about CRT Televisions and Monitors
Before flat panel displays became popular, cathode ray tubes (CRT) displays were widely used in televisions and computer monitors. While some CRT displays are still in use today, very few new CRTs are being produced as electronics manufacturers follow consumer and business demand for flat panel TV and monitor displays.

As consumers and businesses replace their CRT monitors and televisions with flat panel displays, electronics recyclers receive the discarded CRT products. Unfortunately, the market for recycled CRT glass has become limited. Recycling markets for CRT glass are limited, costly and far away making CRT glass recycling a true challenge to e-scrap recyclers. As a result, some electronics recyclers will no longer accept CRT products. Many second-hand stores, such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army, no longer accept CRT products.

Unwanted electronics should be recycled to recover and reuse the product itself or materials like copper, steel or glass that the product contains. Other materials like lead (in the solder on circuit boards; in the glass cathode ray tube found in many televisions and computer monitors; in the batteries in uninterruptible power supplies) and mercury (in the fluorescent backlights in many flat panel displays) can be recycled to reuse the materials and to reduce the chance that these toxic materials could be released to the environment.

Save the world

Currently, only 15-20 percent of all e-waste is recycled. According to a recent report by the EPA, every day, we are to get rid of over 416,000 mobile devices and 142,000 computers either by recycling or disposing of them in landfills and incinerators.