all you need to know about Laptops

Have you ever wondered, who invented the first laptop? Maybe what the most powerful laptop is… Perhaps what the best is to use for the office and at home? We provide you with all the info you need to make an educated decision. When choosing your next Laptop Computer.

Birth of the Portable computer

The worlds first commercially accepted laptop was “The Osborn 1” and invented by Adam Osbornein 1981. The computer’s design was based largely on the Xerox NoteTaker, a prototype developed at Xerox PARC in 1976 by Alan Kay. It was designed to be portable, with a rugged ABS plastic case and a handle. The Osborne 1 is about the size and weight of a sewing machine and was advertised as the only computer that would fit underneath an airline seat
“The Epson HX (or)HC-20  was the first “true” laptop computer. It was invented in July 1980 by, Japanese company Seiko (now Seiko Epson). Receiving a patent for the invention.  It was announced in 1981 as the HC-20 in Japan and was introduced by Epson in North America as the HX-20 in 1981. It had a mass-market release in July 1982, as the HC-20 in Japan and as the Epson HX-20 in North America. The size of an A4 notebook and weighing 1.6 kg, it was hailed by BusinessWeek magazine as the “fourth revolution in personal computing”.