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Whether it’s for work or recreation, computers and tablets have simplified and enriched our lives in many ways. In the workplace, we use all kinds of software and other applications found on computers to perform a variety of tasks, including making calculations and projections, designing graphics and products, and preparing written materials for dissemination. Our technology has also radically altered the way we consume media, play games, and archive our memories, among other things.

At PC Smart Assist, we offer a wide range of devices designed to enrich your personal and professional life: desktop and laptop computers, and all-in-one PCs

In addition to computers, laptops, we offer many other gadgets and computer tech that you may need to improve your workflow. Our inventory includes computer monitors, display cables and adapters, keyboards and mice, data storage, memory and data storage devices, printers and scanners, and other products from many major brands. We also carry motherboard additions, including RAID controllers and network cards, should you need to refurbish your PC.

As for software, we carry operating system installers, video and photo editing software, audio editing tools, security and anti-virus software, office and organizational tools, web design software, and more.

Websites and Hosting

Websites full setup of the website with 4 pages, a home page, info and about us, some people like to have a gallery page where you can put pictures of your previous work. then its R80 per month from next month and that is to keep your website on the server its called Webhosting. this is also for me to add pictures every month for you as you need me to.

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